August 2, 2013

“…the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting…” Psalm 100:5

I open my eyes this morning and praise God because His compassions are new again today. Just in the first hour of this brand-new day, He pours His compassions on me. God is good, but “good” isn’t a big enough word.

I can think. I open my eyes after a restful sleep. Nothing hurts. I am healthy.  I can see the person He gave me to share life with, who lives out His love to me, and who I’m deeper in love with than I was when I met him. He’s right beside me. I hear “Amazing Grace” being sung on the radio and praise Him for that grace. I get out of our comfy bed. The temperature is perfect. I’m in our own home. I go through my morning routine, enhanced by hot, running water, indoor plumbing, and electricity. I smell the coffee and enjoy breakfast. I taste and savor each bite. I can walk, talk, breath and digest. I have enough food in my refrigerator to prepare my lunch to take to work. I am employed.

I take my steaming mug of dark-roast to my office and sit in my cushioned chair. As I open my Bible and notebook to worship my good God and Savior who makes all this possible, my all-time favorite guitar player is playing a worship melody from his office, right beside mine. “Cuando pienso en tu amor tan bello, y te veo a ti en santidad…te adoro a ti…la razón por la cual yo vivo es para adorarte…” (I worship You…the reason I live is to worship You.)

I pray, “Lord, let me start off each new day with a sense of awe of You; with thanksgiving and praise, blessing Your name. You are our unchanging God. You are good”

At that point my heart nearly bursts with gratitude as I “taste and see” God’s goodness (Psalm 34:8) God is good, but “good” isn’t a big enough Word!

“So What’s New?”

February 7, 2013

“So what’s new?” A coworker ran that overused question by me one morning, not really expecting anything more than the normal, mumbled “not much” that we usually hear – or say – in response. That’s why my own half-hearted “not much” answer didn’t impress him at all.

Thinking I should really amend my reply, I added with genuine “oomph”:  “Do you REALLY want to know what’s new? I have something awesome to share with you. It’s good news! God’s mercies and compassions are NEW this morning, just like they are every morning!

That reply got a response from him that I didn’t expect; he quickly added, “…and so is His forgiveness.” My coworker went on to share a situation when he unexpectedly received very undeserved forgiveness from someone he wounded deeply; he also commented that he always asks God for forgiveness, and a good conversation followed.

“So what’s new?” I discovered that our reply can open doors to share more truth about God when we lay the foundation of expressing that His mercies and compassions are new. Try it!

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22,23

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