April 4, 2016


Three-year-old Kayra struggled to make sense of the puzzle. Unable to arrange the blocks to get the duck scene right, she vented her frustration. Fortunately, older brother Jehiel came to her rescue and helped her. Puzzle resolved, Kayra was satisfied with the ducks.

King Solomon must have felt frustrated, too, as he struggled to arrange the pieces of life to find satisfaction. Solomon, wiser than any man and incomparably wealthy, wrote “whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them. I did not withhold my heart from pleasure.” He had it all and did it all, yet wrote, “the eye is not satisfied with seeing and the soul is not satisfied with goodness.” Disillusioned with his quest for satisfaction, Solomon found that it was impossible for him to make the puzzle pieces fit. (1st Kings 2:11-13; Ecclesiastes chapters 1-6)

Maybe you, Like Kayra and Solomon, can’t seem to arrange the pieces in your quest for satisfaction. You struggle to get the perfect job, build relationships, accumulate “stuff”, pursue fun and entertainment … but the pieces don’t fit. Noting satisfies you.Patito

If that’s you, put down those puzzle pieces and read this: Our God “satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” (Psalm 107:9) Vent your frustrations to God, confessing your inability to find satisfaction outside of Him. Ask Him – then trust Him – to satisfy your longing soul. He’ll arrange all your pieces, because our God satisfies!

(Join me every Monday in 2016 on my quest to know God better.)


August 1, 2014

It’s good to read the Proverbs of Solomon. First, because they are God-inspired. Second, because Solomon was the wisest man in history; therefore we should pay close attention to what he says. In Proverbs 1, Solomon appropriately sets the stage with a vital truth in this introduction: “A wise man will hear and increase learning…but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”(verses 5 and 7)

As we journey through the book of Proverbs, let’s not be that un-teachable, foolish know-it-all. Let’s be willing to listen to what God wants to teach us so He can shape our thinking – and our lives. Let’s let Him make us wise!

Prayer: Lord, Open our ears and hearts to willingly hear Your teaching, and shape our lives with what we learn. Amen!

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