December 15, 2013

“M” is the letter of our Christmas acronym of the names of Jesus (see December 1 post) that we’re looking at today, and MASTER is the name. In the dictionary the word “Master” has a long list of definitions.

Doing a little digging in the Gospels, I found that on several occasions Jesus was called “Master.” One occasion in particular caught my eye: Luke’s account of the ten lepers who, from far off, “lifted up their voices and said, ‘Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.’ ” (Luke 17:13)

We can’t be certain which of the many definitions of “Master” they had in mind as they cried out to Jesus; but we are sure that they knew He was merciful. We imagine that they wanted to be healed, but Luke doesn’t mention that they begged Him for healing; they cried out for mercy. And the mercy that the Master showed them changed their lives forever.

Let’s expand our “M” to “M and M”: Merciful Master. Like the 10 lepers, let’s cry out to the Merciful Master for mercy, whatever our situation may be. He will show mercy, and our lives will be changed because of it.

Jesus is the Merciful Master, and we can rejoice in that truth this Christmas season!


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