December 12, 2016

We could all make a list of important people; those who’ve had a significant impact on mankind. But who makes a list of ordinary people? Probably no one; but they’re ones that see a need and get to work. That happened all throughout Christ’s ministry. Let’s look at some ordinary folk who made a tremendous difference.

  • The servants at the wedding in John 2:1-11 were anonymous.  All they did was obey Christ and fill the water pots with water when the wine was all gone. That simple act facilitated Christ’s first miracle, showing His glory, and “His disciples believed in Him.” (v.11)
  •  Four men carried their paralytic friend through the crowds, somehow managed to get him up on top of the house, tore off the roof and lowered that friend to be close to Jesus. (Mark 2:1-12) They knew that Jesus had power to heal. Because of their faith, the paralytic was not only healed, but forgiven. Ordinary friends put their faith to work because they believed in the power of Jesus.
  • The little boy who shared his lunch (John 6:1-14) is the only miracle of Jesus that is recounted in all four Gospels. When his mom packed the 5 loaves and 2 fish that morning, she never thought that they would be the catalyst for Christ to be recognized as “the Prophet who is to come into the world.” (v.14)…or that her young son’s selfless giving would be an example to thousands, throughout millennia!

There are opportunities all around us to put our faith to work and obey God by selflessly serving others. Let’s be on the lookout for them. We are just ordinary people …the kind our God uses!

Join me every Monday of 2016 as I share more of what I discover on my quest to know God better.


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